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Hess aims to be top quartile in our sector for the quality of our disclosures on our sustainability performance and programs.

The 2015 sustainability report was prepared in accordance with the Core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and associated Oil and Gas Sector Supplement. The report is also based on the Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting document developed by IPIECA (the global oil and gas industry organization for environmental and social issues), the American Petroleum Institute and the International Oil and Gas Producers Association, as well as the 10 principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact.

We also respond annually to information requests from the 
CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) on climate change and water programs and performance. 


Hess GRI Index

An extended version of the GRI Content Index is available for the 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report.

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Corporate Sustainability Report Archive

The 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report and prior year reports are available here.
Hess Corporate Sustainability Report 2015
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CDP Climate Change Survey

Hess has participated in the annual Investor survey on climate change since 2006. We have been included in both the Global 500 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and the S&P 500 CDLI since 2009.

Hess CDP Investor Response
Archived CDP Responses