Safety and Health
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Safety and Health

Working safely is a top Hess priority. Safety is central to our culture - each individual is personally responsible for supporting our ultimate goal of zero incidents.

Our commitment to personal and process safety begins at the top of our organization. We include key safety metrics in our annual incentive plan formula for executives and employees, and we invest in systems and programs designed to deliver continuous improvement. To reinforce the importance of workforce safety practices, our annual Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President’s Awards for Safety Excellence recognize Hess teams and individuals that exemplify outstanding and sustainable safety performance.

Effective process safety management at Hess means focusing on understanding and identifying process safety vulnerabilities that impact integrity, as follows:

  • Design integrity - reducing risks to as low as reasonably possible in the design and construction of facilities
  • Technical integrity - inspecting, testing and maintaining our hardware and software barriers
  • Operational integrity - working within operational design parameters
Full Workforce Safety Perfromance
Employee and Contractor Safety Performance

Pre-Job Contractor Management

In 2015 we initiated an innovative contractor engagement process for work on our facility in the Baldpate field in the Gulf of Mexico. We took our onboarding process to contractors’ sites, where we met face-to-face with leaders and workers and obtained a firsthand look at the equipment that would supply a particular project. We also shifted our pre-work project meeting from a Hess-led presentation to a collaborative dialogue that capitalized on the expertise of each project contractor. This innovative approach resulted in highly effective communication and collaboration prior to mobilization, which contributed to safe project execution ahead of schedule and below budget.

Reducing Workforce Health Risks

Through one of our contractors, we introduced a “sandbox system” for transporting proppant sand to a number of our Bakken wells in 2015. During traditional truck unloading, blowers blast sand out of the truck, spreading dust. The sandbox system uses gravity to transfer sand from the container to the conveyor, eliminating the need for blowers to blast sand out of a hauling trailer. This switch has increased operational efficiency, reduced operational costs and improved site safety.