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Providing Stakeholders with Reliable Sustainability Data

Reporting Accurate and Reliable Performance Data That Is Independently Assured

We publicly report sustainability metrics in accordance with the Core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and associated Oil and Gas Sector Supplement. Our internal information systems promote the centralized collection of data from Hess-operated and joint venture assets around the world.

In order to evaluate accuracy and reliability, we conduct quality assurance/ quality control reviews and validation of both aggregated and facility-level data. This report has been assured by ERM Certification and Verification Services (ERM CVS), a third party that annually reviews our sustainability data and self-declared GRI “in accordance” option. This external review helps to ensure consistent and objective data collection and reporting of our sustainability performance.

South Arne Platform, Danish North Sea

Key Sustainability Metrics

The table linked below contains a subset of our reported sustainability performance data. More information can be found in our annual Corporate Sustainability Report.