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Hess Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts in Communities

Social responsibility (SR) is integrated into the way we do business, enhancing our ability to be an effective and trusted energy partner.

Our approach to SR is centered on three focus areas: stakeholder engagement, social risk and impact management, and strategic social investments that facilitate direct and indirect local benefits. Proactively engaging with communities and stakeholders where we operate maximizes our business value, helps us manage social risks and impacts and creates opportunities for stakeholders.

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Agricultural Program in Equatorial Guinea

Hess, in consultation with the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Agriculture, the Professional School of Agriculture and local communities, engaged the Spanish agrarian company Dalmau in 2013 to design and implement an agricultural development project for two small farming cooperatives in Equatorial Guinea. The primary objectives of the project are to create employment and a market economy, decrease rural flight and improve the quality of life of cooperative members and their communities. Our efforts have focused on providing basic equipment, financial support (both funding and financial advice), guidance and training tools, and technical support to the cooperatives so they can become fully operational and sustainable.

In 2015, the first full year of production, the two cooperatives produced eight different food crops, totaling over 4,300 kilograms and resulting in sales of $3,900. Both cooperatives have already begun expanding their acreage, and their initial success is inspiring other communities and individuals to replicate the concept.

Wau Kite Safety Campaign in Malaysia

Near Hess operations in the North Malay Basin, families enjoy the local pastime of flying traditional wau kites. Although regulations ban the flying of kites near the Kota Bharu airport, operators were finding kite twine in helicopter rotors, and pilots were concerned about the inability to see the kites when flying in the area. To address these concerns, we led a community campaign, with help from our partner PETRONAS and other industry participants including Repsol, Petrofac and Westar Aviation, to increase safety awareness concerning helicopters used in oil and gas operations.


In 2015 we helped to organize a series of talks at community centers as well as a wau safety themed folk music competition at the annual Kelantan International Kite Festival. Hess employees helped judge the competition and assisted in giving away prizes. The festival was well attended by locals and was successful in communicating our message. Pilots have reported back to the campaign team that they have seen significantly fewer kites flying in the restricted zone.