Climate Change and Energy
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Climate Change and Energy

Hess' position on climate change is that rising greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures pose risks to society and ecosystems warranting cost-effective policy responses that balance mitigation, adaptation and societal priorities such as access to affordable energy.

Hess is committed to helping meet the world’s growing energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner by taking steps to monitor, measure and reduce our carbon footprint. Hess’ updated environment, health, safety and social responsibility (EHS & SR) strategy addresses climate change and the actions we can undertake to control and reduce our carbon footprint. We work with key stakeholders, including government agencies, private landowners and communities, among others, to obtain approval for these actions.

Operated Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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Natural Gas Liquids

In 2013 in North Dakota we partnered with GTUIT, a designer, manufacturer and operator of well site gas capture and NGL extraction equipment, to recover high-BTU (British thermal unit) gas from locations that were producing NGLs and flaring. This project provided dual economic and environmental benefits by converting gas into marketable products as well as reducing the amount of gas flared and the associated air emissions.

By the second quarter of 2015, we had installed a total of 15 mobile units with a capacity of 10 MMSCFD. An estimated 8.2 million gallons of NGLs were captured in 2015, resulting in more than 526 MMSCF of gas that was not flared, reducing GHG emissions by an estimated 51,084 tonnes and saving about 16,000 tonnes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from entering the atmosphere.

In September 2015 the World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership presented an award of excellence to Hess and our partner, GTUIT/Caterpiller Oil and Gas, for successful use of GTUIT’s well site gas 
capture and natural gas extraction technology to reduce flaring in the Bakken region in North Dakota.


Hess continues to meet our goal of top-quartile performance in our sector for the quality of our climate change disclosures. In 2015, Hess was included in the CDP’s S&P 500 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for the seventh consecutive year, and was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America for the sixth consecutive year. Our CDP responses contain more detailed information on the company’s climate change-related risks and opportunities.