Capital Efficiency
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Capital Efficiency


Decreasing Costs, Eliminating Waste

Lean management practices are improving efficiency, driving down costs and eliminating waste across the company, while helping to reduce our environmental footprint.

Cutting Costs, Increasing Efficiency in Gulf of Mexico

In the Gulf of Mexico, Hess is addressing the low oil price environment by working with suppliers and other operators to apply Lean management to proactively drive efficiency and create value. The objectives are to safely reduce costs and cycle times.

The efforts are paying off with nearly $100 million in savings projected over two years.

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Hess in the Media: Offshore Engineer

Offshore Engineer's January 2016 issue featured an article by Rob Fast, then Hess Vice President, Offshore - Americas and West Africa, in which Fast highlights opportunities for the industry to proactively drive efficiency and create value to reduce costs and cycle times, while keeping safety the top priority. "While the challenges are immense, we need to remember the path forged by our predecessors," Fast said. "Most innovations were achieved during low oil prices."